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Block DX Setup


Block DX is the fastest, most secure, most reliable, and most decentralized exchange. With a user-friendly UI, peer-to-peer trading is made as simple as using a centralized exchange. The following guides will take you through each step, start to finish, so you can begin trading securely.

  1. Install the Blocknet wallet. The Blocknet wallet is required to facilitate peer-to-peer trading on Block DX.
  2. Install the native wallets of the digital assets you will be trading. These wallets are needed to store your funds since Block DX is non-custodial.
  3. Note: These wallets are the native Qt/cli wallets released by each asset's respective project, which you may already have installed. Block DX is non-custodial and does not generate wallets for you.
  4. Install Block DX. This is a desktop dApp and not supported in-browser.
  5. Complete the configuration wizard.
  6. Begin secure trading!

If you encounter issues, please join Blocknet's Discord for assistance.

Warning: Beware of scams

Be cautious of users sending you private messages on Discord to help with troubleshooting, even if they claim to be team members. Scammers will often prey on those having issues and offer help in an attempt to steal funds. This is usually done by impersonating team members.

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